on a tablet or pc

Open the Golf Courses tab to see a map of TeeCaddy's current geographical coverage. When zoomed out, some of the icons cover more than one course. Zoom in for more detail.
Hover over an icon to see the name of the course.

Click on an icon to open a dialog box with a link to the Scorecard App. Other course details are also shown. Click on the 'Mail Scorecard Link' at the bottom to open your email client that will contain a link to the scorecard. Mail it to yourself and open the email in your phone, tap on the link and the App will open in your phone.

There is also a drop down list of courses at the top left corner of the map. You can scroll to find if the course you require is covered. Typing the first letter of the course name will take yiu to that part of the alphabet. Click on the course name to open the dialog box on the map.