the bets reckoner

On the Scorecard page, tap the Bets button to go to a short list of side bet options. Tap on the stake to alter it as you wish, where zero is no betting on that option.

Players may decide not to participate in the betting, and tapping on P1 (in) will remove P1 from the betting. Tapping on P1 again will include the player in the betting. Any player can be toggled in and out, but at least two players must be included (somebody has to lose)

If by some oversight the scorecard is incomplete, for example if a gross score is missing, the bets will not be calculated, the bets page will not open and an 'Incomplete data' message will be displayed. Simply go to the scorecard summary, find the gap in the data, go to that hole and fill in the blank

Currently the bets supported are
the best gross score
the best net score
the total number of putts
Nassau - the winner by Stapleford points of the front 9, the back 9 and all 18 holes
Stapleford - the highest number of points scored
Skins - the net winner of individual holes, carried forward where the result is a half