viewing the scorecard

When you have completed your round (or at any time during the round) tap on the Scorecard button to see a summary of the scores recorded for each player.

Starting with Player 1 (assumed to be the registered player) whose name is at the top of the page together with the entered handicap and the tee used.

Gross scores and putts are recorded. Pars are highlighted in blue, below par scores are in green.
Stableford points are calculated for each hole and also whether the hole was won, lost or halved.
At the foot of each column there is a total for the front 9, the back 9 and for the whole round.

The Player's name is bracketed by Prev and Next buttons. These allow you to scroll through the scores for your playing partners.

The default display is the front 9. The In / Out button at the bottom of the page toggles between the front and back 9 holes.

The Holes button takes you back to the hole list where you can select a hole where the score might need completing or correcting.

The Bets button takes you to a screen that has calculated some side bets that you may wish to have on the outcome of the game.

The Save button will save your score to the TeeCaddy database and has an email option